"在公众中,在普通百姓中" 英语怎么说?

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答案在The Economist November 26th 2022 Britain “Recession watch --- Looking up” 这篇文章的第一段可以找到。

"在公众中,在普通百姓中" 英语怎么说?

The Economist November 26th 2022 Britain


"在公众中,在普通百姓中" 英语怎么说?
"在公众中,在普通百姓中" 英语怎么说?

on the ground 在公众中,在普通百姓中


Their politicalideas have a lot of support on the ground.



As the festive season approaches, economic cheer is thin on the ground. Household incomes are being pummeled by soaring energy bills. Rising interest rates are squeezing mortgagors and throttling the government’s finances. Taxes are rising. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), a fiscal watchdog, is predicting the steepest drop in living standards on record. On November 22nd the OECD, a club of mostly rich countries, predicted that over the next two years only the Russian economy would fare worse among G20 countries. The Bank of England reckons the recession has already started. Could anything brighten the gloom?